Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Compendium Of Curiosities Volume 2

Linda from Studio L3 says Compendium of Curiosities Special Edition: Challenges 11 and 12! I have cheated a bit because I have already made 2 configurations which I am putting up here. The technique comes from Tim Hotz's book Compendium of Curiosities Vol II pages 33 and 34.

This is the first one I made for my daughter at university so she could feel she had something to celebrate Christmas with. I gave it to her a few weeks early for her birthday which is also in December. I used a Christmas ornament that I had bought, a Christmas candle light, buttons and a little tree.  I felt this created a very Christmasy configuration.

This is the other one I made depicting all my hobbies, through the years.

The next picture shows close-ups of my hobbies.

The top row shows that I made Teddies and collected "ty" teddies when my daughter was younger to have something to collect together. The box on the top right represents my hobby of building doll's houses and making miniature furniture. The second row on the left is my painting, drawing and folk-art painting, on the right is embroidary and cross-stitch and a stamp to represent my stamping.

In this photograph the top row shows my love of sewing and patchwork and quilting. Next represents my interest in photograpghy with a framed picture of me at the age of 10 years. The bottom row on the left show my love of knitting (the one hobby my daughter has inhereted from me - and she is much better than me!) and the years I spent with my knitting machine making my children some unique jumpers. In the middle is a clock which represents my making decoupage clocks. Finally the last box represents my hobby of jewellry making.

I hope you enjoy looking through my configurations and my hobbies.


  1. Both of these are absolutely delightful - my daughter would love one of those I'm sure!
    I'm particularly drawn to your hobbies tray - how amazing to have a memory of each, in miniature and all together! I really love this Carol.

  2. Hi Carol, I really love both your boxes, a lovely gift to your daughter but the hobby one is adorable. So many hobbies! I am beginning to wish I had not entered my single little box, I am over-awed by all the lovely pieces that you have all entered! It will take me forever to finish my whole project.......A x

  3. What wonderful memories you have in your Configurations!

  4. I really like your boxes, but I think you've left out a few hobbies like making your own canoe, canoeing, woodwork like the chess board toy made us, baking those absolutely gorgeous cakes .... And more. Saying you are clever doesn't even come close to describing you. XXX

  5. I don't know where the word 'toy' came from in that comment. It should read 'you'.

  6. WoW! Lots to see and I enjoyed peeking into each box! You can never have too many hobbies! A very lucky daughter! Beautiful boxes!

  7. I am a very lucky daughter!! it brought Christmas spirit to my room despite my bah humbug housemates!
    Awesome birthday present.. you know me and dad love everything christmassy!!!

  8. Both of your boxes are fabulous!

  9. Lovely, Lovely, I think both your boxes are great. I love all things Christmassy, and what a good idea to make a box that represents all your interests.
    Sue :)

  10. Love both these boxes very much. I love how every time you do one it is so different. I have one complete and one under construction! Yours are fabulous. x

  11. Both of these are great. I really want to make a Christmas one now. Thanks for inspiring me!

  12. I Love your boxes. The holiday one especially. That is going to definitely be my next challenge. I am heading out to some antique malls this weekend to find some tiny treasures. You have inspired me.

  13. Lovely boxes there Carol. My first box had a fair bit of our hobbies in there. I did that with the Man himself last year when he was in the UK! I nearly did a Christmas one this time but decided to do it nearer the Season!!


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