Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Word Birds

From an article in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine Jan/Feb by Ann Ellis I made these birds.

I saw these on Kate Crane's blog but she had made them slightly different to Ann Ellis's original birds but I think Kate's were better, she had made them with journaling marks and had sewn them around the edge.
I bought the magazine hoping to get a template for them but she recommended hand drawing the birds.


  1. Oh I adore these Carol, loving the one at the bottom, the one with the green wing and the one with the chirpy blue feathers (a perfect day)I've GOT to make me some of these!! Anna xx

  2. More gorgeous things from you Carol - you have been busy!! I did wonder where you were. Hope you are well.
    Big hugs,

    1. I've been at my caravan twice, very litte internet if you can get on it and open network, I made the word bird down there.

  3. Everything is beautiful in it's own way :D Love and light, Ann


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